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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Power has been restored to Thibodaux, so my Louisiana in-laws have headed home. But while they were staying with us, I learned some very important lessons about living with Cajun folk:

Don’t bother trying to pronounce Atchafalaya, Opelousas, Calcasieu, or Tatooine.
Don’t throw away any part of the gator, not even the claws (which can be used for soup, apparently).
Refrain from drawing analogies to The Waterboy.
Anything can be improved with Tabasco, including floor polish and shampoo.
It’s impolite to refer to Cajuns as Swamp People, Swampies, or Bayou Irish.
Don’t argue that fishing isn’t a sport.
Don’t confuse a Cajun with a Creole – the Creoles killed Jesus.
And never, never ever ask what’s in the gumbo, because they might just tell you.

All kidding aside, I’m glad the in-laws have a place to go back to. We have so many friends and even extended family who have lost everything to Katrina. So many people are coming to Houston and I’ve got several calls from folks looking for living space or just advice. Most of them are overwhelmed by the size of the city, but everyone still has a good attitude. In fact, whenever I talk to anyone affected by Katrina, there’s no sense of anger in them, no trace of self-pity, no feeling of helplessness. There’s a general attitude of “#$%* happens” and “let’s move on”. I think that’s pretty courageous and it makes you want to help these people all the more. I’m sure that most of you have spent the week watching looting and shooting on CNN, but I want to tell you that adversity can bring a lot of good out of people too. No one here is giving up and the South shall rise again.


  • At 3:43 PM, Blogger GD said…

    They want to move on? S*#t happens?
    What? No finger pointing and endless blaming of President Bush, The Military Industrial Complex, Big Oil and everyone else that Michael Moore could do a fake documentary on?

  • At 9:53 AM, Blogger Mayur said…

    Nice Michael Moore attack, though he has put up an "open letter" to Bush on his website, he might be a little too busy to make a fakumentary because of this.


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