Flurry O' Fury

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Today is Rebecca’s birthday and we’re celebrating this weekend by going to see her favorite show, Phantom of the Opera.

Now, normally, wild horses couldn’t drag me to see any kind of theater, opera, or musical on stage. So I was planning on negotiating Phantom down to a fancy dinner, a dozen roses, and some other crap that chicks dig, like truffles or something. But my friend Jesse was able to convince me that Phantom of the Opera wouldn’t be all that bad.

Jesse told me that Phantom is the story of a young boy whose father was a sea captain hundreds of years ago. One fateful day, pirates attacked and sank their ship, killing the father and all of his crew except the young boy, who washed up on an uncharted African coast. From that day forward, the young man swore that he would devote his life to the destruction of all forms of piracy, greed, and cruelty – and he further swore that his sons and their sons would follow in his footsteps. Doning a mask, a purple costume, and a pair of pistols, he was reborn as the Phantom, a mysterious force of vengeance. And upon his death, his son took up the Phantom name and image in order to continue his war against crime and evil, as would every son thereafter for hundreds of years. In this manner, the Phantom has become known to criminals worldwide as “The Ghost Who Walks” and “The Man Who Cannot Die”. The Phantom uses this larger-than-life ruse to terrify those whom he hunts as he hands down justice throughout the centuries. And in his spare time, he works in an opera.

Well hey, that’s #$%*ing badass! I don’t mind shelling out $60 a ticket to see some of that. At worst, it’ll beat the hell out of roses and truffles. I think this is one birthday where we’ll both be celebrating.


  • At 12:49 PM, Blogger Mayur said…

    Perhaps if we drink heavily before the show, the boredom will be like water off a duck's back.

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