Flurry O' Fury

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Tragedy struck the Ginsburg household yesterday. Rebecca accidentally ran over a squirrel while we were on our way to the Khyber Grill (which has excellent naan, by the way). The poor critter was trying to cross the street at the wrong time and got caught in no-man’s land. If he had simply chosen a side of the street and made a break for it, he probably would’ve made it. But his indecisiveness proved to be his undoing and he ended up darting under Rebecca’s wheels at the last moment.

Rebecca, who is very fond of animals, and who is especially sensitive about crushing the life out of them, became terribly upset. It was so bad that I worried her hysteria might interfere with my dinner. She only calmed down once I promised to give the furry rodent a proper burial.

Thus I did return to the scene of the crime after dinner, shovel in hand, to lay the squirrel to rest. In an effort to give his passing a modicum of relevance, I decided to give him a name – Thump, after the last sound he made. What follows is his requiem.

Alas, poor Thump, we’re sorry we knew you not
You who were once a squirrel, but now art a spot
Thou were neither too bright nor very fast
So from this cruel world, thou have passed
Though we send thy body to the storm sewer to lie
We know thy soul climbs up that big tree in the sky


  • At 10:25 AM, Blogger christian said…

    I didn't know Thump but he seemed like a good squirrel to me. Sorry to see him go.


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